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No less than 4 years after its first showing at Playstation Meeting 2013 and its official announcement during E3 2015, Dreams is finally out in the open in its final state, just a few months before the arrival of Sony's Playstation 5. Now this new project is a bit different from what Media Molecule did in the past although LittleBigPlanet already featured an editor function allowing people to create their own games. This time around, Media Molecule's idea was really to provide players with a title which would let them express the artist in them, so the focus was almost exclusively on the creation aspect. It means that there is no single-player experience to enjoy aside from Art's Dream, a very nice artsy game they created in Dreams to show off the possibilities of their engine. It's a pretty cool experience to enjoy, but it's rather short and it's a shame there aren't more unique creations by the British studio. Let's hope they will continue to add such content to show creators the way and motivate them to sink their teeth into the making of real memorable creations. Because Dreams has been available in early access for a little while, you can already discover the work of the community, but nothing truly stands out at the moment. You'll either find tributes to the industry's icons (Mario, Sonic, Lara Croft, etc.) or rather awkward attempts at making small bits of games. In all honestly, it's a bit too soon to judge the potential of Media Molecule's project, but we certainly time and talent will allow those who will decide to give it a try to give birth to dreamy artistic creations. I guess we'll see...

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Alex Evans from Media Molecule was given a bit of time to present their new game, Dreams. This very intriguing title which will once again rely on the creativity of its community was also shown in a brand new trailer. Check it out inside.

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    KORNdog That west of dead game looks pretty nice. Mike Mignola looking art. Very stylish. (1 Day ago)

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    Seth @Loakum: if you are big collector, check out the Dark Horse exclusive Ellie statue. Looks better than the one that's on these CE's. (5 Days ago)

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    Seth @Loakum: 230 bucks sheesh. I love TLoU, but i don't love it THAT much lol. (5 Days ago)

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