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The Nintendo Switch keeps welcoming indie titles previously released on other systems and it's the turn of FAR: Lone Sails to arrive on the eshop today. Since we were sent a code a few weeks ago and we obviously had time to complete this version, we thought you might want to take a look at a bunch of videos and to read our verdict on the port. Note that we started recorded our footage mid-game, which means it's different from what we showed on PC but it also could be considered a bit spoilery.

Trailer PS4 Xbox One

The pretty and atmospheric adventure game FAR: Lone Sails had a good launch on PC last year so publisher Mixtvision can now reveal the title will launch on PS4 and Xbox One on April 2nd. New trailer inside.

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In case you missed the release of FAR: Lone Sails, here is a chance to catch up and realize this game is definitively worth a look. It's a short experience but its gorgeous art style and its unique atmosphere and gameplay mechanics make it quite indispensable in our opinion.

Trailer PC

The empty yet atmospheric world of FAR: Lone Sails awaits you as the game is available since yesterday for $14.99 on PC via Steam, GOG and Humble Store. Artbook and soundtrack can be bought separately. Console versions od the title are planned for a later date.

Trailer PS4 Xbox One PC

Players will be able to traverse the post-apocalyptic and dried-out sea of FAR: Lone Sails when it releases on May 17th for PC via Steam and later this year on consoles. The vehicle adventure game will make you explore a desolate world and its remains of a decaying civilization without knowing how far your vessel will be able to go. This is where vehicle management and environmental puzzles will be useful to overcome obstacles and hazardous weather conditions, making your passages varying from peaceful moments to more challenging situations. Get a new glimpse at the title with new screens and a new gameplay trailer.

Trailer Xbox One PC

We missed the announcement of this pretty indie game called FAR but since it will be present at the Xbox booth during E3, here we are talking about it. The game is essentially a visual experience in which you find yourself on a dried-up sea. Despite being devoid of life there's a lot to explore and for that you have a freight car that looks like it was taken from the Snowpiercer. Jump inside for screens and an early demo teaser. The title is set to release in early 2017 for PC and Xbox One.

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$224 of $400 per month

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  • KORNdog

    KORNdog Like they didn't care as much about the original game or the original fans. Its basically a new game with really superficial ties to the original PS1 release. (2 Hours ago)

  • KORNdog

    KORNdog Then I'd say REmake 3 is like a 70/30 split. It feels a lot more like RE5/6 then REmake 2 does. (2 Hours ago)

  • KORNdog

    KORNdog If you imagine REmake 2 is like a 50/50 split between what RE became with RE6 and what it used to be in the PlayStation 1 days. (2 Hours ago)

  • KORNdog

    KORNdog It just gives me RE6 vibes in places. Like capcom are pushing more in that direction than they did with REmake 2. Which still managed to feel relatively faithful to the horror themed source material. (2 Hours ago)

  • KORNdog

    KORNdog @Seth: I think it's because of the dodge mechanic, stronger action focus and increased melodrama that makes it feel a bit like RE6. And to make it clear. I mean specifically leons RE6 campaign. (2 Hours ago)

  • Seth

    Seth @AndreasZ94: what's up with the missing textures tho? It's like UE3 game but this time textures never loads lol. (10 Hours ago)

  • AndreasZ94

    AndreasZ94 Ffvii remake seem to be reviewing well. Im glad to see so many games this year turning out great. (11 Hours ago)

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