Firegirl: Hack 'n Splash Rescue had us very intrigued when we first heard of it. The visuals seemed really good and the arcade approach to gameplay was very appealing. Unfortunaltey, for us at least, the final game turned out to be a lot more frustrating than it should have. It might be us, but we found it almost impossible to successfully complete most early missions as we kept dying (either because we had been hit too often or because we had run out of time). What's odd is that even after failing, the story would progress and praise us for our actions, which didn't make much sense to be honest. Levels are randomly generated but they look too similar and most of our time playing has been in buildings, rooftops and trains. We didn't see all that the game has to offer because we grew tired of failing pretty soon. Making money (when completing a mission - successfully or not) allows to buy new equipment or upgrade a certain number of things, so this aspect should give us the insentive to keep playing but it didn't. It's a shame because we truly like the game's graphics and overall atmosphere, but it simply didn't do it for us.