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Myths of the Eastern Realm, the second expansion for Immortals Fenyx Rising is available and introduces players to new hero Ku, on a journey to help Nuwa save humanity. Screens and trailer inside.


The first additional content for Immortals Fenyx Rising releases today and with it Ubisoft also made available a free demo of the base game on all platforms. The DLC puts Fenyx against thetrials of the gods of Olympos with new ability upgrades and a fresh gear to unlock.

Trailer PS5 Xbox Series X PC PS4 Xbox One Switch

The epic mythological adventure from Ubisoft Immortals Fenyx Rising is now available worldwide on almost all known gaming platforms and services. Jump inside for the official trailers or head here for our review coverage.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising will come out next week but we are authorized to show you some gameplay footage of the game on the 3 systems we've been playing on for the past few days. Inside, you will find some videos of the game running on Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and PC, with a nice choice between HDR or SDR depending on your equipment. Most of the recordings we've made was done in performance mode on consoles, but you should know that the lastest patch which arrived on PS5 yesterday added some stuttering to this mode (while the game was perfectly smooth before). We haven't had time to capture new footage to show you the problem but it's clearly there. Hopefully, the game will be updated again before release.

GSY Video PC Stadia PS4 Xbox One Switch

Immortals Fenyx Rising demo is playable on Stadia and here is a 20 minutes video. The game developed by Ubisoft Quebec will be available on December 3.

Trailer PS5 Xbox Series X PC PS4 Xbox One Switch

Ubisoft unveiled new footage of Immortals Fenyx Rising, formerly known as Gods & Monsters, the new IP from Ubisoft Quebec that allows players to embody Fenyx, a winged demigod on a quest to save the Greek gods and their home from a dark curse.

Trailer PC PS4 Xbox One Switch

Ubisoft Quebec worked on something else besides the expansions and updates of Assassin's Creed Odyssey. The studio unveiled Gods & Monsters, an open world fantasy adventure with a painted art style in which the player tries to save the Greek gods. The title will launch February 25 2020.

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