If you haven't heard about Hypercharge: Unboxed, it's time we tell you about this nostalgic trip back to our childhood, especially if you miss the likes of Toy Commander and Micro Machines. Digital Cherries' title may be a first person shooter with tower defense mechanics, but it captures the exact same feel than those iconic games of yore. When preparing your defenses before the next wave of ennemies arrive, you must explore your surroundings looking for coins which will allow you to build traps or walls to protect your hyper-cores. This part of the game is when you'll realize how beautiful each map is and how great it feels to be like Buzz and Woody in those gigantic environments. Then comes the action part, when the wave of enemies hit you like crazy, with much variety in terms of enemy designs and behaviors. The game can be played co-op (local and online) with a total of 4 players but a PvP mode is also available if you wish to compete against humans. There are many things to unlock to personalize your toy soldiers, the different maps we've seen all look gorgeous and it's just a very fun game to play on PC and Nintendo Switch. We have one video to share today but we'll try to record some 3-player co-op gameplay too as soon as we get a chance.