Trailer PS4 Xbox One PC

Bavarium Sea Heist, the last content pack from the expansion pass for Just Cause 3 will release on August 11. Trailer and screens inside.

Trailer PS4 Xbox One PC

Get a better look at the Mech Land Assault DLC for Just Cause 3 with its launch trailer inside. The content pack is available to the Expansion Pass holders and will go on sale next week for everyone else.

Trailer PS4 Xbox One PC

Launching June 10, a week earlier for Expansion Pass holders, the Mech Land Assault pack for Just Cause 3 will put Rico on Lacrima Island where he will be able to pilot two types of Mech for the new missions and challenges. The last content pack Bavarium Sea Heist will be made available at the end of the Summer.

Video PS4 Xbox One PC

Square-Enix and Avalanche Studios are happy to announce the arrival of some new content for Just Cause 3. Those who purchased the Season Pass will have access to it as soon as March, but those who only want to get part of it will be able to buy everything separately. Trailer and images inside, plus all the details on the upcoming DLC.

GSY Video PS4 Xbox One PC

Just Cause 3 has been particularly present on Gamersyde this week, with a review, some PC videos, and a livestream on PS4, and it is now back with some Xbox One footage thanks to the download code sent by the Xbox network.

GSY Live PS4 Xbox One PC

BlimBlim forgot to remind you all that we were live playing Just Cause 3 on PS4, thankfully, here is the full replay for you to watch. If you want to see a lot of traversal and some over the top action without risking getting spoiled, you know what to do.

GSY Video PS4 Xbox One PC

After updating our Nvidia drivers today, we did as fast as we could to get you some PC ultra footage of Just Cause 3. Note that we deactivated the blur effect (which oddly doesn't entirely stop it apparently as you'll see in the fourth extract) and the Edge fade option.
Our rig: i5 4670K @ 4.1 GHz, 8 Go RAM, Windows 10, SLI Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 Gigabyte OC.
Note: We've just witnessed massive slowdowns in the game, we'll have a video up in a bit.
Update: FPS Analysis video added.
Update 2: SMAATx2 apparently blurs the image even if the Blur option is off. Use SMAA until it gets fixed.

GSY Review PS4 Xbox One PC

We spent the whole week end playing Just Cause 3 on PS4 and had a lot of fun, but sadly, it came with a price. If you want to find out why and you want to enjoy a few pretty nice videos, please follow us inside. Don't hesitate to share your thoughts too.
GSY Live: We'll be playing Just Cause 3 on Tuesday evening 9:30 GMT+2.

Trailer PS4 Xbox One PC

Here is a new trailer of Just Cause 3 made by Avalanche Studios, Visual Works and NME's awarded rock band Kasabian.

GSY Video PS4 Xbox One PC

The PC version of Just Cause 3 is playable in its full version at PGW, so Davton took the opportunity to visit a teeny tiny part of the gorgeous open world of this third installment. Here is a first video with more coming as soon as possible. The PC we played the game on was an i5 equipped with a GTX 970 and so were all the others demoing the game. The game's graphics were set to ultra.
Update: Added 2 more videos, without sound this time.

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