First 10 minutes PC Xbox 360 PS3

Because of Gamescom, we kind of missed the release of Kane & Lynch: Dog Days. Better late than never, here is finally the first ten minutes of the game. IO Interactive's new title did not receive a warm welcome in the press, but to me its main issue is that you do not need more than four to five hours to complete the single player campaign. Add to that the absence of a final cutscene in the end (it feels like being back in the eighties when your only reward was a congratulation message) and you will easily understand why it did not get a high score in the reviews. In spite of an interesting visual approach and a good atmosphere, the game is indeed disappointment in the end. Not quite as bad as some said, but clearly not worth a full price purchase unfortunately.

Trailer PC Xbox 360 PS3

Square-Enix sent us a new trailer of Kane & Lynch: Dog Days. We are now about a week away from the game's release so we will soon be able to see if the good impressions the demo left will be confirmed.

Trailer PC Xbox 360 PS3

IO Interactive has put online two vignettes of Kane & Lynch: Dog Days in order to have a closer look at the great duo that are Adam "Kane" Marcus the ex-mercenary and James "Lynch" Seth the psychopath.

Trailer PC Xbox 360 PS3

Square Enix has released for Kane & Lynch: Dog Days a new trailer entitled "You Think You Can Kill Me" as well as seven new screenshots, the pack after the jump.
Update: Behind the Scenes video added.

Video PC Xbox 360 PS3

Square-Enix released three new videos of Kane & Lynch: Dog Days. We remind you all that the demo we captured a little while ago is now available for download to all on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC

Press release Xbox 360 PS3

IO Interactive has informed us that Kane & Lynch: Dog Days has gone gold and that it will hit the stores one week earlier than planned: on August 17th in North America and on August 20th in Europe. As a bonus, here is a new multiplayer trailer.

Video PC Xbox 360 PS3

The demo of Kane & Lynch: Dog Days is available as of today exclusively on Xbox Live, provided you were sent a precious code to download it. There is some very interesting content as you can try a bit of the campaign mode, a mission of the Arcade mode and you can even get your hands on three of the multiplayer modes (Fragile Alliance, Undercover Cop and Cops & Robbers). Generous as we are, we would not want you to miss the opportunity to see the game in action so here are a few videos of this exclusive demo. We'll start with the introduction movie and the first part of the demo section of the single player mode played in the hardest difficulty setting. Enjoy!
Update: Second part added.

Video PC Xbox 360 PS3

Kane & Lynch: Dog Days was playable on the showfloor, and their "bad camera" effect is so well done that I spent the first seconds of the video cursing after our own camera guy for such a sloppy job. Nice!

Images PC Xbox 360 PS3

Io Interactive released a batch of new images for Kane & Lynch: Dog Days. Update: Official gameplay movie added.

Trailer PC Xbox 360 PS3

Kane & Lynch: Dog Days also gets its E3 trailer a few days before the show, with this video named "She'd better be worth it, Lynch!"

About the game
PC X360 PS3
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Eidos Interactive
Developed by
IO Interactive

$224 of $400 per month

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