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After our PS4 videos, let's now discover the Xbox one version of PES 2015 on Gamersyde. As you may know, the Xbox One version runs at 720p 60 fps, unlike the PS4 version which delivers a 1080p resolution at 60 fps. Feel free to compare our videos if you want to see the differences. Thanks to Xbox for the digital copy.

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PES 2015 will finally be available in a few days in Europe but since Konami sent us a copy of the game a bit early, we managed to capture a bunch of videos. We haven't had time to learn the game much, so don't expect to see some crazy goals or moves, but what we've played so far seems pretty promising in many respects. Technically, this PS4 version is smooth and doesn't suffer from too much aliasing but its main improvement over last year's edition is mostly in the gameplay department. It's not perfect yet by any means, but it's a definitely interesting soccer game to play, at least from what we've seen.
Update: Gameplay video added.

Trailer PS4 Xbox One PC

The Xbox One PES 2015 demo is already available in Hong Kong so we quickly packed to be able to get there and bring you back some gameplay footage of our very first match. As you'll see, the game is still behind Fifa in terms of graphics and presentation (even replays which used to best those of Fifa's in the past are beaten). That being said, gameplay has been drastically improved and we should have two excellent footy games this year.

Video PS4 Xbox One

Fresh from the showfloor, here comes some 60 fps footage of PES 2015.
Update: Added a second video.

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Konami shares the first screenshots of PES 2015. The title benefits from the FOX Engine to elevate the its on-field realism. It will be out this Fall for PS4, Xbox One and "additional formats".

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