We're slowly back to business on Gamersyde and we're actually trying to catch up with the games we've missed in the past few weeks. Return to the Obra Dinn is clearly one of them and we should have told you about it way sooner. Lucas Pope (Papers, Please) is behind the game and once again, the young developer proves his skills when it comes to making great games. This time, you're an investigator trying to understand why the whole crew of the Obra Dinn was found dead. Thankfully, you can use some sort of magic talisman to go back in time and figure out what happened. For some reasons, the game does not run as well as expected on our rig (i9 9900K and GTX 1080 Ti) but we've seen no one else complain about it on the Internet. It's not a game breaker at all obviously, but it's still a bit strange.