The rumors were true, The Last of Us Part II Remastered is happening even though we were granted a free 60 fps patch for the original game on PlayStation 5. While we're still waiting for Naughty Dog's first current gen title, we'll have to be content with another remaster. Some new content will be added, with playable sequences which never made it to the final game, new outfits and a brand new Survival mode called No Return. Fidelity mode will be presented in native 4K while the Performance mode will upscale the 1440p image to 4K. There will also be some other minor graphical improvement, and we say minor because the original game still looks awesome, even by today's standards, so we shouldn't expect a complete overhaul. Let's now hope Sony will quickly announce what first party titles are coming in 2024 as for now, we have no clue what to expect.