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We can now share the gameplay walkthrough of Watch Dogs: Legion in good quality. The Ubisoft Toronto title has quite a unique feature, allowing players to recruit and control any character in the dystopian London the studio has created. Once they join the team, the player chooses their class and can level up, unlock newx abilities and upgrades. They all have their own backstory, animations, and gameplay traits. The game will launch on March 6 2020.

Commented on 2019-06-11 07:35:21
This walkthrough is really amazing. The Helen part is very funny as well. At first, I thought how they could do it, since that would be like creating thousands and thousands of NPCs, hiring an insane amount of voice actors and actresses, etc. There's a reason why in most games, you end up seeing the same NPCs models over and over.Assassin's Creed

Then the more I thought about it, I realized it would be far more easier if Ubisoft got an actor/actress to do multiple voices for multiple characters, just changing their voice enough, which is what most games do. As for the large amount of lines, I remembered that the male and female voice actors for the player character in Fallout 4 had to record thousands and thousands of lines, for the different choices and outcomes the player could make.

That and they could reuse many of the assets from the NPCs in Watch Dogs 1 and 2, just changing enough to not be the same, but not having to make the assets from scratch. Another thing is that they can put a limited number of characters' personalities and profiles - maybe 500-1000, but put a code that once a combination is found, it gets vaulted so it doesn't show up again.

Basically, there are many ways to "fake" that each and all NPCs are very different, when in truth you didn't have to make them. Either way, I'm sure it was expensive, but I hope it works both critically and commercially, so that other studios invest more on NPC and enemy diversity.

Specially Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed games are notorious for having the same NPC model used in a hundred of places. AC:Syndicate was the worst, I must have killed the bald guy in this image about 500 times: Every fight there was 2 or 3 of him. Also, the red enemy and the green ally are the same model, just with different clothes and hats. If this works, I would love to have much more diversity in games.
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Commented on 2019-06-11 14:10:03
i honestly have no idea how they're doing this. especially concerning voice work. the characters in this footage actually reference each other BY NAME...that's a name that could theoretically be anything since you can be anyone...which means every name for every NPC needs to be voice acted by every possible character...

either that's smoke and mirrors ubisoft BS, or they've put an unfathomable amount of time into this. 
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Commented on 2019-06-11 19:55:28
It's by far the most ambitious open world game this gen, but we'll see if all this works as well as it is supposed to. Clint Hocking is hit and miss with the games he is directing/working on. FC2 was most ambitious FC game, but it wasn't fun to play. On the other hand i loved SC Chaos Theory.
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