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Many tend to forget that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice also featured HDR options allowing to tweak the color saturation, the brightness and the number of nits. After more than a year without playing the game, it was a bit hard to get the hang of the timings, even when facing the weaker enemies, but we still have 3 4K videos of the PC version for you guys.

Commented on 2020-04-24 16:35:32
This reminds me of biking. I used to do all sorts of crazy tricks with a bike and did a lot of things most people wouldn't even dare to. Spent over 10-15 years without riding one, when I finally rode one, it felt like the weirdest thing and I had forgotten almost everything.

The same happens with games, I returned to Hollow Knight last month to finish the DLCs, that 3 year gap made me constantly check the Wikia to re-learn how to play and where everything was. It has to do with the way our bodies, specially our brains, deal with info and memorization.

That's why the more you do something, the better you become at it. And the bigger the gap between when you last did something and the next time you do it, the harder it is to get back to the same level of skill and body memorization that you had.

Hence why athletes have to train all the time and why this break in their activities will be very hard on them when they go back to training. I remember a few news articles on how some athletes were complaining that they were losing their skills by being unable to train, which is true, but unfortunately unavoidable.

That's why I hate, absolutely hate going back to play DLCs years down the line. Might as well start the game from the beginning, but since my backlog is almost infinite, that's not always an option. That's why New Game + is great, let's you revisit the game faster with much less things you need to do and also being more powerful.

I still think of doing another Sekiro run, but might hold off till an inevitable Sekiro 2 is released, this way I will be able to re-hone my skills and will have an easier time with the sequel.
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