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C'est presque en catimini que Ori and the Will of the Wisps a reçu une grosse mise en jour améliorant un bon nombre de choses et ajoutant l'implémentation du HDR sur PC. Notons également l'apparition de réglages très poussés du HDR sur Xbox One comme sur PC, de quoi permettre d'affiner le rendu à sa convenance. On vous propose 2 vidéos de la version Windows ainsi que les notes de patch en anglais.

Nouvelles fonctionnalités

• HDR Support for PC (Windows 10 and a HDR compatible display required)
• Improved HDR visuals on Xbox consoles (with new powerful HDR settings!)
• Dynamic Resolution Scaling (enables the game to automatically lower its rendering resolution to achieve higher framerate when necessary)
• FPS Limit (for those that prefer locked frame-rate experience with less frame-rate fluctuation at high refresh-rate)
• Audio Output Device Selection (to specify the device used for sound output)
• Speaker Type Selection (better configure audio panning and other features for headphones or speakers)
• Sound API Selection (multiple sound api’s available to help with potential sound hardware compatibility problems)
• Turning Microsoft Spatial Audio On/Off (allows more control over the spatial audio for more immersive experience and audio troubleshooting for those having no audio output)
•Added Steam Trading Cards, Badges, Backgrounds and Emojis

Améliorations de gameplay

• Fine-tuned the Windtorn Ruins Escape Difficulty on Normal and Hard Mode
• Fixed the ‘missing Kwolok’ issue
• Fixed ‘Fallen Friend’ quest
• Fixed issues with some NPCs disappearing from side quest locations
• Fixed issues in Silent Woods connected to Ori’s moveset getting limited
• Several Quality of Life improvements have been added to the Spirit Smash, Burrow and Grapple mechanics

Améliorations et corrections des comportements des ennemis

• Improvements and fixes to the completion counter: Area completion is affected only by the collectibles and optional challenges present in the area and global completion is affected by area completion, completing all quests, owning every Spirit Shard, and learning all skills from Opher. No longer does simply uncovering parts of the map while exploring impact the completion % of the area, in the interest of not being stuck hunting down the last few nooks and crannies left that have no real significance to the experience
• Map fixes: Issues related to displaying icons on the map, fixing map alignment with the world, added ability tree icons to the map, added “complete” state to spirit trial icons
• Numerous adjustments and additions to improve understanding of unlocking, engaging with and completing Spirit Trials
• Small enemy distribution adjustments to Luma Pools and Mouldwood Depths post boss battles

Améliorations techniques

• Further improved Performance and Stability on both PC and Xbox One family consoles
• Fixed the ‘crashing on start’ issues
• Fixed the outstanding problems with achievements not being granted
• Fixed various potential sources of compatibility issues rooted in audio hardware and drivers
• Improvements to reduce pixel aliasing and improve image quality in a variety of scenes
• Issues concerning the Spirit Trials Leaderboards were fixed

Corrections additonnelles

• Fixed bugs with certain resolutions not displaying properly
•Fixed invincibility after obtaining Seir
• Fixed ‘Flash ability effect lingering’ issues
• Fixed issues concerning skipping cutscenes
• Fixed issues concerning players sometimes not receiving quest rewards
• Improvements to localization
• Fixed issues related to Backup Saves
• Fixed button prompt issues
• Fixed soft locks in The Wellspring
• Fixed a number of asset pops and loading issues
• Fixed a number of motion blur issues
• Improvements to the Warp Mechanic
• Map: Added quest list to the “All” filter
• Fixed vitality shard having no effect while swap shard is equipped
• Fixed Spirit Smash and Spike descriptors
• Swapped default equipment assignment in Ku gameplay section to clarify the available moveset
• Minor adjustment to Wellspring Spirit Trial to prevent players from skipping a majority of the trial in an unintended way
• Added collapsing walls on the left and right of Mora’s first arena to prevent players from staying on the walls indefinitely once the escape portion has begun
• After completing the ‘Hand to Hand’ quest, the purchasable map icon upgrades in Lupo’s shop are considered purchased to prevent players from wasting Spirit Light unintentionally
• Fixed issue where small respawnable collectible orbs in water or sand would become unable to be collected on respawn
• Fixed undiscovered Spirit Well being activated on purchase of Windswept Wastes area map
• Out of bounds fix for Shriek boss battle
Soda - Tourist Trophy
Commentaire du 17/05/2020 à 09:07:26
Envoutant ! <3
En réponse à
Commentaire du 17/05/2020 à 10:19:23
Toujours pas commencé, c'est l'occasion.
En réponse à
Commentaire du 17/05/2020 à 10:20:43
Y'a pas un succès pour avoir réussi à finir le jeu à la sortie sur One?
En réponse à
Commentaire du 17/05/2020 à 11:02:32
J'avais pas commencé le jeu non plus, et ayant eu comme échos qu'il était à la ramasse sur One "normale" je préférais attendre un patch de ce genre. :)
En réponse à
Commentaire du 17/05/2020 à 11:53:40 En réponse à MadPchhit
Ha ha elle est très bonne celle là.^^
Effectivement c'est triste mais on a vraiment l'impression aujourd'hui que les joueurs qui font un jeu à sa sortie sont des éclaireurs,des explorateurs qui mériteraient une médaille pour leur courage.
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