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The implementation of Ray Tracing in Wolfenstein: Youngblood was first presented to us just before Gamescom opened to the press back in August, but we all had to wait 5 more months to see the release of the update of the game. It was well worth the wait though, as contrary to the latest Call of Duty title which only featured ray traced shadows, Youngblood utilizes Ray Tracing at its best, which means it includes ray traced reflections too. As a result, every surface can potentially show reflections, from the very clear puddles of water to the windows of the local shops and it looks very realistic. When a mirror is dirty for example, it affects the reflection in a very natural way and the same can be said with other types of materials obviously. We will add a comparison video so you can truly see the visual benefit of the technology, but for now you can check the one we have recorded with performance DLSS. On that subject, DLSS is very impressive in this game, the image quality is excellent and performance mode really helps the framerate when playing with Vsync on for example. Two other modes are also available, one more balanced and one focused on quality and you'd be well advised to resort to DLSS instead of native 4K as Digital Foundry already pointed out.

Commented on 2020-01-19 14:48:55
Thanks for doing this, Gamersyde is really the best site for showing RTX at its fullest.

With the PS5 and XBSX both having ray tracing at the hardware level, more and more companies are starting to test the technology. Will be very interesting to see what level of ray tracing the first gen games will get on these consoles and how it will affect performance.

I hope developers don't just force people to use it and give them additional modes options for RTX, Quality and performance. At least this way people who don't care about RTX or just want 60fps can still have great performance. Shouldn't be long until Sony unveils the PS5 - every person with insider knowledge says February, though I hope it's early and not late February.
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Commented on 2020-01-20 00:50:06
DLSS is a life saver when it comes to 4K RTX performance. Of course you lose image clarity but some games (Deliver Us The Moon and this one) suffer less.
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Commented on 2020-01-20 19:41:37 In reply to MinorDespera
Yes, DLSS really helps for Ray Tracing. XBSX has VRS (Variable Rate Shading), which according to Digital Foundry helps a lot as well. I wonder if PS5 will have a similar technology or will use something else.
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