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Hier, le studio 8 Points a lancé sa campagne Kickstarter pour The Wild Eight, le survival coopératif pour PC (et consoles en stretch goals). Sur les $50,000 recherchés, le studio a déjà atteint les 20%. Vous pouvez votez sur Steam Greenlight, plus de détails sur le jeu à la page Kickstarter. Dans la news, images et vidéo de gameplay pre-alpha pour un bref apreçu du système de craft/hunting et du monde généré de façon procédurale.

Face the Harsh Alaskan Wilderness After Surviving a Harrowing Plane Crash
in The Wild Eight

Now on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight

YAKUTSK, Russian Federation-- April 6, 2016 -- 8 Points delivers players a new hardcore experience in The Wild Eight, an eerie survival adventure now on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. Plot-driven and heavily focused on co-op gameplay, The Wild Eight impresses with a polished art style based on flat-shaded polygons, unexplained phenomena, and a huge variety of bloodthirsty predators inhabiting a procedurally-generated world which may (or may not!) be quite like our own...

Steam Greenlight:
Funding Goal: $50,000

Only one day into the crowdfunding campaign, 8 Points has already secured more than $9,000 from backers -- close to 20% of the $50,000 funding goal. The Kickstarter will support the hiring of full-time developers (needed to speed up production) and strategic outsourcing of sound design and quality assurance. The crowdfunding campaign is set to end on a Friday: May 13, 2016.

The Story So Far
The Wild Eight follows eight individuals who survive a terrible plane crash and now find themselves stranded in the snowy wastes of an Alaskan forest. After waking up in a pile of debris, you must immediately find food and build a makeshift shelter before hypothermia sets in. Surviving this harsh, unfair world is not for the faint of heart. While it might be better to have companions, there’s a traitor in your midst... someone who has been driven mad by bloodlust. Will you search for other survivors or try to make it on your own?

When Nature Wants You Dead
The environment is cruel and uncivilized. A realistic weather system and merciless wildlife bring it to life. You will need to craft, build, and learn new skills if you want to stay alive. Has traveling all day left you hungry? You’d better go hunting or forage for food before you starve to death. (Careful, though: These animals are not going to become dinner without a fight!) Has chopping wood made you thirsty? You’d better have a source of fresh water nearby ... before dehydration takes over. Don’t forget to keep one eye on the horizon: You don’t want to be caught in the wilderness without fire when the sun sets -- or without shelter when a blizzard appears out of nowhere!

Work together with up to seven of your friends as you explore the snowy wastelands -- including a mysterious forgotten civilization. Find quests and uncover the hidden truth that lies at the heart of this barren world. As you progress through The Wild Eight’s quests, you’ll learn new skills -- most of them essential to survival. Learn how to craft armor, forge weapons, enhance your shelter, and more.

All characters in The Wild Eight have their own strengths and weaknesses ranging from increased attack and leadership stats to superior chemistry and engineering output. These skills must be put to good use if you want to survive another day.

Quests & Enemies
The Wild Eight features a procedurally-generated world and quest system ensuring that every playthrough is a fresh, challenging experience. You will encounter wolf packs, raging bears, and other wild animals ready to make you their next meal. You’ll also end up facing special boss-like creatures; make sure to stockpile enough weapons and supplies to take them down without losing life (or limb). Will you become prey to the monsters in the snow -- or will the environment do you in? Only one thing is certain: Prepare to die. A lot.

“We are an experienced team that has been making games individually for many, many years,” says Ed Gotovtsev, Head of Development at 8 Points. “The Wild Eight has been in production for six months now. The game is a combination of our experience as hardcore gamers and living in one of the most remote corners of the world -- where nature can actually be the end of you. We hope you will join us on our journey to make The Wild Eight a reality!”

If funded, The Wild Eight will be released on Windows, Mac, and Linux in late 2016/early 2017, followed by Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


  • The Wild Eight sur Kickstarter - Images
  • The Wild Eight sur Kickstarter - Images
  • The Wild Eight sur Kickstarter - Images
  • The Wild Eight sur Kickstarter - Images
  • The Wild Eight sur Kickstarter - Images
  • The Wild Eight sur Kickstarter - Images

Key Art

  • The Wild Eight sur Kickstarter - Key Art
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