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There was a time when only Playstation 3/4 owners could enjoy Quantic Dream games but a new era has come and PC gamers can now play Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. There were too few codes for us to get Heavy Rain but we were sent a copy of the second game which came out on PS3. As a result, we have some beautiful 4K/60fps videos to show you as well as a full verdict on the game (which actually is the original verdict we wrote back in 2013). Enjoy!

GSY Review PS3

Last week, the premiere of Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream's latest title, took place in Paris, something which doesn't happen much in the video game industry. David Cage and his team were accompanied by Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe and it was a pretty great evening. A day before the official release of the game, it is now time to find out what Gamersyde thought about it, in the translated verdict of our review.

Video PS3

Thanks to a Gamestop promotion on Facebook I was able to download the Beyond: Two Souls a little earlier than normal.
Check out this amazing looking game, Day 1 for me.
Update 3: The Hunted video with sound.

GSY Video PS3

The next-gen consoles are obviously the biggest focus of this TGS, but there are still some ambitious titles to come on our good old consoles, titles like Beyond: Two Souls for example ! We have a first video up, and two more to come.
Update 2: Third part added.

Trailer PS3

Even though most of you guys must be playing the excellent GTA V right now, here comes Beyond: Two Souls' first TV Ad, showing quite a lot of the game.

Trailer PS3

You guys might have missed our preview of the game this morning (sorry, no time to translate :/), but still here is some Beyond: Two Souls anyway with this 4th Making Video detailing a bit more of the game's graphics.

Trailer PS3

Sony sent us this new trailer of Beyond: Two Souls, that was first shown behind closed doors last week at Gamescom.

Video PS3

Sony just send us the second making of video of Beyond: Two Souls, looking quite good for our now aging current generation of consoles.

Developer Diary PS3

Beyond: Two Souls could very well be Sony's last big game to be released exclusively on Playstation 3 so there is no doubt it will be closely watch over the next few months. Here is Episode 1 of the game's making-of, focusing on how it all started for David Cage. Quantic Dreams' new title will be released on October 9.

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June is now behind us and we can say it was a pretty busy month and we mostly have to thanks Ghost_Deus and Miguel for their awesome work at E3. Not only did you get to see some direct feed footage of almost all June releases, but you also were given the best off-screen videos live from Los Angeles and it wouldn't have been possible of it weren't for them and their team. The next big event will take place in Germany at the end of August and Gamersyde will also be there to make sure you can have proper footage of all the games showcased there. Until then, enjoy your holidays if you're lucky enough to have some.

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