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Finally, after months of intensive work, we are going to be given the gift of time. December will indeed be a welcome break for us here. In November, you got your share of review and videos as usual, but as the big 2012 released are all out now, the weeks to come should be rather quiet. Don't worry though, since a few games slipped through our fingers lately, like Assassin's Creed Liberation and LEGO Lords of the Rings for example, we will try to catch up on the footage we haven't been able to deliver. What's more, we will let you have another look at Project CARS so you can see if some progress has been made since last time. The holiday season is now upon us, Gamersyde is still up and running, so let's just hope the end of the world will not show itself in three weeks so we can continue next year.

First 10 minutes Xbox 360

After our full review a bit less than a week ago, it is now time for us to show you a few videos of the single player campaign of Halo 4. Since we didn't want to spoil too many things, we chose to focus on the very beginning of the game, so you can simply have a sneak peek at the early levels. As you'll see, this fourth episode of Master Chief looks great and should please most gamers out there. As for us, we haven't changed our mind, after hours spent in the main campaign and in multiplayer, it's definitely one of the best games of this end of year. Since it is now officially available, don't hesitate to tell us what you think of it if you have given it a try.

GSY Review Xbox 360

The Halo saga is without a doubt the most iconic franchise of the Xbox era, so when the Master Chief is about to return after a few years of cryogenic rest, there are good reasons to be excited. First original Halo game to be developed by 343 Industries and not by Bungie, Halo 4 made many people hope for the best, but also fear for the worst. After completing the single player campaign and trying some of the many multiplayer modes available in this new opus, it is now time to deliver our final verdict and a bunch of homemade videos.
Note: Videos are all from the multiplayer modes since direct feed gameplay footage of the single player campaign isn't allowed until November 6.

Trailer Xbox 360

After the very cinematic trailer of Halo 4, produced by David Fincher, presented last week. Microsoft now offers a launch trailer made from gameplay footage.

Trailer Xbox 360

In searching for Master Chief's weaknesses, a new enemy find the source of his strength. Check out the launch trailer of Halo 4 produced by David Fincher and directed by Tim Miller.

Trailer Xbox 360

Microsoft and 343 Industries have released a new weaponry montage and this time we get to see the Promethean arsenal in action on the Solace and Complex multiplayer maps.

Images Xbox 360

Among the two 360 exclusives of this end of year, Halo 4 is probably the most anticipated. First, because it announces the return of Master Chief, secondly, because it's the first original Halo game for 343 Industries. Will they manage to make us forget about Bungie? That's a question we'll be able to answer soon, when the game is released on November 6.
Update: More screens added.

Trailer Xbox 360

Microsoft has put online this new trailer of Halo 4 that shows the UNSC weaponry.

Trailer Xbox 360

Microsoft has put online this new trailer of Halo 4 that shows the weapons of the Covenants.

Developer Diary Xbox 360

Second part of the Developer Diary dedicated to the realization of the characters of Halo 4, this time the designers and artists explain how they created a "new" race of enemies: the Forerunners, their technology and their weapons.

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