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In this video, Patrick Liu from DICE tells us more about the "Clean Sweep" and "Hot Zone" DLCs for Medal of Honor. Please note that these 2 multiplayer modes are already available for download on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The first one, "Clean Sweep", is free.

Trailer PC Xbox 360 PS3

Medal of Honor gets 2 new multiplayer modes, now available for download on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. While the first one called "Clean Sweep" is free, the other one, "Hot Zone", costs 9,99€/800MS Pts. Here are the press release, a trailer and two images of it.

GSY Review PC Xbox 360 PS3

Maybe we tend to forget it, but the modern FPS genre would probably be different from what it is today without the Medal of Honor franchise. It used to be a forerunner back in the days when the genre was far from being on a roll on gaming consoles, since it was released on the first Playstation. We all discovered an action game that used the first-person perspective and offered a truly cinematic experience. It was also a clear nod to Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan, which used to be a reference World War 2 movie in those days. The franchise quite logically progressed to the Playstation 2, Xbox and PC platforms (among others) with an ever unquestionable success. In the meantime, another franchise was being prepared in Activision's territory. The Infinity Ward studio was in charge of the development part, under the lead of EA deserters who had actually worked on Dreamworks Interactive’s game. Since the launch of HD consoles, players now only have eyes for the Call of Duty series. An explanation may be found with the last two games of the franchise Infinity Ward released: both were set in a more modern in-game context and both had sensational success. The Airborne episode was given a cold welcome in 2007, so the people at EA eventually considered the real necessity to set their fetish franchise in modern war contexts. Doing so, they were ready to risk their series being a copycat rather than the model it used to be. Some may say this role reversal is legitimate, but the question is: is this attempt to reboot the series likely or not to appeal the players today? Find the answer in our review of the single player mode and the related videos.

Trailer PC Xbox 360 PS3

Medal of Honor, EA's counterattack against Activion's Modern Warfare series, is released this week and so we are given the usual launch trailer of the game.
Update: Image gallery added

Video PC Xbox 360 PS3

EA released a new video of Medal of Honor showing a short extract of the campaign mode. Nothing too exciting here if you ask me but since your opinion is the one that matters, you should probably take a look.

Trailer PC Xbox 360 PS3

EA has released a new multiplayer trailer of Medal of Honor, entitled "Objective Raid", from the "MoH experience" series. In addition here are 2 new images.

Images PC Xbox 360 PS3

EA also released four new images of Medal of Honor. As usual, if you want to see more, just follow me inside.
Update: New video added.

Video PC Xbox 360 PS3

EA released a new video of Medal of Honor showing some more mutliplayer action.

Video Xbox 360 PS3

Electronic Arts released this high quality version of the gameplay sequence of Medal of Honor shown during their press conference in Cologne a few weeks ago, with lots of Helicopter action.

Trailer PC Xbox 360 PS3

As the Battlefield Moments trailers, Medal of Honor will have its Fallen Angel trailers about its multiplayer mode, here is the first one.

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