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Necromunda: Hired Gun comes out today and we have been able to record the first 50 minutes of the adventure. The game is developed by Streum On Studio (Space Hulk: Deathwing) and published by Focus. As you'll see, it is a fast FPS which is meant to be played with a mouse and keyboard (playing with a gamepad feels strangely floaty on PC), but it also features some RPG elements as you can upgrade your character and weapons. Sadly, I'm not not used to playing this way and it shows. Still, I did the best I could so you could see what to expect. Among the things that I think need a bit more polish, I would say the AI isn't always as reactive as it should, performance isn't ideal yet (even with DLSS) and when killing the human enemies, it feels as if there is no real sense of weight and impact. Visually and artistically, the game looks pretty nice and its fast pace makes it fun to play, at least in the first levels I've seen so far. Now it still remains to be seen if this new title in the Necromunda universe has what it takes to entertain the players until the end.

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The latest trailer of showcases the game's hub Martyr's End, the various areas, weapons and perks players will see and get bounty hunting in the Underhive. The title will be out on June 1st.

Trailer PS5 Xbox Series X PC PS4 Xbox One

After a tactical approach with Underhive Wars, the Necromunda IP is back at Focus with a fast-paced and violent FPS. Developed by Streum On Studio, Necromunda: Hired Gun puts you in the shoes of a booty hunter with a simple task: collect the contracts, hunt your targets, and collect the money. On top of a varied arsenal, gadgets, augments and a grappling hook, the hired gun is followed by a loyal cyber-dog. The title will be out June 1st 2021, first trailer and screens inside.

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Streum On Studio

$175 of $400 per month

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