Strayed Lights is an action-aventure game developed by French studio Embers from Strasbourg. Not only is its game world mysteriously intriguing, but it's also quite beautiful visually. The game relies on a color switching mechanic that is a bit reminiscent of shoot 'em ups like Ikaruga but there is another twist to combat. Indeed, parrying in the right color allows you to get your health back, but when you do it in the wrong color, you still avoid damage. Added to that, there's the fact that parrying is actually your main tool to defat your enemies. You can of course attack them in a more standard fashion, but to fill your energy bar, the most efficient way is to parry the different attacks. Since you need to build up your energy in order to launch a sort of finishing move (especially when facing the bosses), it's very important that you master this mechanic. Timings are not that difficult to get though, so it becomes a sort of rhythm game once you've gotten the hang of it. Exploration seems a bit linear, at least in the short demo we've played, so we hope we'll have a bit more freedom in the final game. We also find the soundtrack is a bit lacking during combat as it remains quiet and peaceful all the time. Aside from that, we must say we have been pleasantly surprised by this preview built so we can't wait to see what the full game has to offer on April 25. We only have a French GSY Offline video to share as we don't really have the luxury of time these days, so we hope you won't mind and will be able to enjoy it anyway.