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Le créateurs des jeux de plateau Nemesis ou encore Tainted Grail ont dévoilé il y a peu Nemesis: Distress, un jeu multijoueur à la première personne dans une ambiance d'horreur sci-fi avec un système de traitrise. Pas encore de date mais un teaser, des images et plus d'explications pour vous donner une bonne première idée.

From the creators of the board game hit Nemesis comes an FPP multiplayer game set in outer space. The horrific story of Nemesis: Distress will offer a unique online experience putting your nerves to test, pushing your sanity to the edge, and making you betray your friends.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 10th, Wrocław, Poland.

Suddenly, something awakens you from the cold void of hypersleep. Brainiacs back on Earth said that you “might experience some discomfort at first.” Damn liars! You feel like sh*t: your head is pounding, your stomach is turning upside down, and your ears are ringing. You’re not experiencing “discomfort.” You feel like you’ve been hit by a 10-ton truck. And that’s not a figure of speech – you can clearly feel a tingling in your mouth and the taste of blood. There’s also an alarm, piercing through your brain fog, but at this point you’re already awake enough to acknowledge there’s something wrong here. Seriously wrong.

Add the game to your Steam Wishlist ( and if you’re a fan of the Nemesis board game, you can also support the stand-alone expansion to it – Nemesis Lockdown on Kickstarter.


Fighting through dizziness, you open your eyes, the lights of other stasis pods blinding you momentarily. You glimpse your surroundings between blinks. Broken glass. The wet floor. A stasis pod burst open like a ripe watermelon, dripping with red. The thing inside… Oh God, that thing, that pulp of flesh and bones, was once your friend. Now it barely resembles a human, ripped open from the inside – damage too severe for a simple stasis pod failure. Who did this? What happened? You feel sick but try to stand without vomiting in the pod to check if your other mates are all right. You take a deep breath of relief – it looks like the rest of the crew is okay. Only that one poor guy didn’t make it.

The rest of you gather in the middle of the cabin, shivering, half-naked, still in shock – experiencing all the post-hibernation symptoms. Harsh reality has set in. It seems like the ship got stuck in the middle of frickin’ nowhere. System failures everywhere. Bulkheads breached. Unknown contaminants in the air. The situation is so bad that you don’t even know where to start repairs. And then, while you try to get your sh*t together and figure out the next steps, it’s there. A single noise, somewhere in the hollow passageways of the ship. You know the damn ship and all its associated noises inside and out. Whatever you all just heard was neither a post-hibernation delusion nor a broken mechanism. Nobody wants to admit it, but the horrifying truth is clear to all. You’re not alone. Your hair stands on end as you start to realize that whatever this thing is, it’s most likely responsible for tearing your friend apart.

It would all be much easier if not for the fact that in addition to this mess, you have a hidden agenda to achieve. Something tells you you’re not the only one, either. It wouldn’t be the first time a ruthless corporation had pit a crew against each other…


Nemesis: Distress is a sci-fi horror FPP multiplayer game from Awaken Realms – the creators of the incredibly popular Nemesis board game that raised $4,000,000 on Kickstarter back in 2018. Nemesis became so well-known that it even made a cameo appearance in South Park! (Feel free to Google it, it’s fun!)

The developers are now in the middle of another Kickstarter campaign for Nemesis Lockdown – a stand-alone expansion to the original game. The campaign has already raised over $4,500,000! Today they’ve revealed that a video game, Nemesis: Distress, is also under development. Backers supporting Nemesis Lockdown and choosing the Digital pledge will be able to purchase Nemesis: Distress for the reduced price of $15. And if they decide to support the full board game, then they’ll get Nemesis: Distress for free!

Nemesis: Distress puts you on a ship lost in space, where evolving Intruders rampage down corridors and rip through everything that stands in their way. Will you save the ship? Will you stay loyal to your crew? Or will you take the easy way out and board an escape pod at any cost? The possibilities are almost limitless, as each game of Nemesis: Distress will create its own cinematic sci-fi horror experience.


Nemesis: Distress is a multiplayer game with a hidden traitor mechanic, as well as shooter and survival elements. Players will progress through 40-minute scenarios, trying to survive while fulfilling their secret objective.

Gamers will choose one of the asymmetric character classes, each with special actions that come in handy in specific situations. They will also select the secret objective they have to fulfill to win the game – these are randomly drawn out of an exciting challenge pool and include destroying the Nest, safely directing the ship to Mars, or even ensuring the death of other players. Sometimes there won’t even be a traitor, but you’ll never know who to trust!

While the implants inside your characters block any direct negative interaction (such as shooting other crewmembers), there are plenty of indirect ways to make other players’ lives harder. Setting rooms on fire, spreading false information, and closing doors right in front of their faces are just some of them.

On top of that, there’s the constant threat of evolving Intruders slowly taking over the ship. While it is possible to kill them, it’s not an easy task, and there’s no benefit – other than surviving the encounter, that is.


• An FPP multiplayer game where every player has their own hidden agenda.
• A special “traitor mechanic” making every playthrough unique.
• An epic sci-fi horror cinematic feel.
• An advanced, asymmetric multiplayer experience.
• A universe based on the biggest board game hit in recent years – Nemesis.

Nemesis: Distress is currently under development. More information about the game can be found on Steam.


  • Awaken Realms annonce Nemesis: Distress - Images
  • Awaken Realms annonce Nemesis: Distress - Images
  • Awaken Realms annonce Nemesis: Distress - Images
  • Awaken Realms annonce Nemesis: Distress - Images
  • Awaken Realms annonce Nemesis: Distress - Images

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  • Awaken Realms annonce Nemesis: Distress - Concept Arts
  • Awaken Realms annonce Nemesis: Distress - Concept Arts
  • Awaken Realms annonce Nemesis: Distress - Concept Arts
  • Awaken Realms annonce Nemesis: Distress - Concept Arts

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  • Awaken Realms annonce Nemesis: Distress - Key Art
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