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Electronic Arts a dévoilé son nouveau FIFA STREET avec une image et un trailer. Sortie prévue pour début 2012.

EA SPORTS Developing Authentic Street Soccer Game

FIFA Street To Feature Street Ball Control, New Dribbling Styles, One Touch Passing, Sweet Skill Moves And Indoor And Outdoor Locations Around The World

COLOGNE, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) announced today that EA SPORTS™ is developing an authentic street soccer game that will replicate the way the game is played by street players all over the world. From the creators of the award-winning EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer franchise at EA Canada, and inspired by street soccer styles and stars from around the world, EA SPORTS FIFA Street will be built to the level of quality and depth that millions of FIFA fans have come to expect from the EA SPORTS FIFA development team. The game will be available for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system in early 2012.

“This is the first time our award-winning FIFA development team is creating a street soccer game, and we are going to deliver a level of authenticity never before seen in this genre, along with amazing gameplay”

“This is the first time our award-winning FIFA development team is creating a street soccer game, and we are going to deliver a level of authenticity never before seen in this genre, along with amazing gameplay,” said Matt Bilbey, Vice President and GM of Soccer, EA SPORTS. “FIFA Street will appeal to new fans that are looking for a unique, fun soccer experience, and long-time FIFA fans looking for an authentic street soccer experience with the level of quality that they know and love from the FIFA franchise.”

Powered by the revolutionary FIFA Soccer gameplay engine, and introducing Street Ball Control, FIFA Street will deliver an arsenal of groundbreaking street dribbling styles and trick moves that ignite the one-on-one battles within matches. Whether performing one panna after another without breaking a sweat the way street soccer is played in Amsterdam, or a physical, fight-for-possession style the way players compete in London, fans will enjoy a superior fidelity of ball control and responsiveness than anything ever experienced in a soccer videogame. Plus, for the first time ever, utilize aerial skills to maneuver past opponents, an all-new sophisticated one-touch passing system for quick, precision passes, and over 50 never-before-experienced skill moves.

Play with and against the stars of the most popular clubs in the world—or real-life street players—and compete at more than 35 locations around the world. From one-on-one battles in parking lots and parks to prestigious 5v5 tournaments on the streets of the world’s biggest cities, FIFA Street will replicate the unique street soccer style. Plus, it will feature a host of modes and online features that will be revealed in the months ahead that will make the game a social, connected experience.

FIFA Street will be connected to EA SPORTS Football Club^, so from the first nutmeg on, gamers will be contributing to their Football Club identity. Fans who purchase EA SPORTS Season Ticket will also get, as a bonus offer, full-game digital access to FIFA Street three days in advance of launch.*

FIFA Street has not yet been rated.


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Lunik - Solid Snail
Commentaire du 16/08/2011 à 16:55:54
Une approche plus réaliste ! cool !
En réponse à
Aure04 - Echangiste
Commentaire du 16/08/2011 à 17:00:38
Il a carrément l'air cool ! Ça change du 2 completement horrible.
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