GSY Video Xbox One

We have been among the lucky ones to receive an Xbox One X beforehand, something like 4 days ago. it didn't leave us much time to download the games and record some gameplay footage, but we did our best as usual. Inside, you'll find a bunch of videos showing titles that have already been updated with their Xbox One X patch. Most of them are Xbox One games obviously, but we also have 3 iconic 360 titles to show you with a massive bump in resolution. Finally, we have tried the first Project CARS to see what forced v-sync and anisotropic filtering can do to a game that hasn't been patched for Xbox One X. If you want to compare, see the last base Xbox One footage we captured back in 2015.
Note: Some games are yet to receive their Xbox One X update, so we'll try to be thorough and propose more videos later.

GSY Video Xbox One

Also at the Xbox Showcase, a non final version of the One X patch for Quantum Break was capturable. This patch was still very unstable, with multiple crashes during our few minutes trying it out, and hopefully also still some optimisations to come as the framerate wasn't stable at all. Also worth mentioning, our video has sound issues due to a capture problem.
Update: At the request of a few people I've added a HEVC version of the video, which should be playable on most 4K TVs directly. Tomb Raider video to follow.

GSY Video PC Xbox One

Quantum Break will be available on Steam this week and we can take this opportunity to finally cover the PC port of Remedy's title. In the following videos, you will see the game running with different settings with the Mirillis Action! fps counter. Like in the Windows 10 version, deactivating the resolution upscaling is quite demanding, even with a GTX 1080. Most cutscenes also seem to run at 30 fps, which is sometimes explained by the fact that they hide the laoding times, but it's not always the case. once you have found the right settings to enjoy a steady 60 fps frame-rate, the experience is even more enjoyable than on console. If you want to find out more about the game, check out Davton's review of the Xbox One version.

GSY Review PC Xbox One

Thanks to its innovative concept of merging a classic video game with a TV series, Quantum Break, the new game from Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment was hotly anticipated ever since its announcement in 2013. A PC version of the game is also being released at the same time, but our review is based solely on the Xbox One version. However, we hope to quickly provide you with videos of the PC version to satisfy those of you who crave high resolutions and framerates. Before we delve into the review, seeing as Quantum Break’s story constitutes a large part of the game, very few elements of the story will be revealed in this review and will mainly be confined to the very beginning of the game. In the case where it is necessary to bring up some story elements, we will give you ample warning in the text so you can avoid any spoilers. You can also watch, if you have not done so already, the preview videos put together by Driftwood which are included in this review. Now that the above warnings are out of the way, let’s commence our time-travelling journey.
Note: The full translation wouldn't have been possible without Alimokrane, so many thanks to him for his hard work.

GSY Preview PC Xbox One

Quantum Break is back for more preview coverage on Gamersyde, this time focused on the first 2 chapters of the second act. As required by Microsoft, the direct feed videos we provide had to be commented, so feel free to tell us what you think of our performance. Since it is a particularly time-consuming thing to do, we'd rather know now if it's well worth the effort. No written article this week as we felt it was a bit less relevant and the videos would be more than enough to make you happy. We'll be live tonight from 10:15 CEST onwards, so join us if you you want to see the game in action again.
Note: This week's footage was recorded in hard mode.
Update: Replays added.

GSY Live PC Xbox One

Monday is probably the hardest day of the week, and the fact that Winter has given way to Spring will make little to no difference. That being said, we might have the perfect remedy to lighten up the mood. Starting tomorrow at 8:01 a.m. CET, we will propose the first part of our preview coverage of the final version of Quantum Break. On the menu, a full article with tons of content but that's not all. At 10:15 p.m. you will be able to join us for a new livestream where we will show you the first act of the game (minus the first chapter). Hopefully, all we have prepared for you will be enough to ease the wait until the game ships on April 5. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you tomorrow!
Update: replays added

GSY Preview PC Xbox One

When we get games early, we have time to prepare pretty cool things for you guys, or at least, we try. For the first time, you 'll have both a full written preview and four commented videos of Quantum Break. It's not perfect by any means, especially considering this was done using our basic tools (namely Virtualdub and some modified avs to add the audio we recorded separately with Audacity), but we've done our best to get you some nice footage and commentary. The icing on the cake is that we will be live tonight at 10:15 CET and we will show you the first act of the game in the best possible streaming quality.
Note: In the first preview video, instead of "next week" at the end, it should be "this week".
Note 2: Everything you'll read and hear is based on our experience of the first act of the game.
Note 3: The brief peaks at 31 fps in the GSY Tech video are due to the editing the plugin does not interpret correctly.

Images PC Xbox One

Microsoft shares these new gallery of screenshots of Quantum Break, including two from the Windows 10 version.

Trailer Xbox One

Also premiered at The Games Awards, this new cinematic trailer of the much awaited Remedy game, Quantum Break. It shows how Jack gains time manipulation powers and gives a glimpse at the Frozen Scenes of Drama.

Video Xbox One

One of our readers found the HQ version of the Quantum Break presentation from a few weeks ago at Gamescom on Remedy's vimeo page, and told us about it. So of course we just had to put here it too, so many thanks to him!

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