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The Capcom showcase which took place yesterday announced the October release of a Gold Edition of Resident Evil Village which will include The Winters' Expansion (also available separately). In this new content, it will be possible to play the main campaign in third person, some new characters and stages will be added to the Mercenaries mode and a new chapter will be added to continue the storyline as Rose Winters. This new content will ship on October 28 along with Resident Evil Re:Verse, a free multiplayer experience for those who already own Resident Evil Village. We were also told that the current update for Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 will be available today so players can enjoy 4K, ray tracing, high frame rate, and more specifically on Playstation 5, 3D audio and DualSense support (with haptic feedback and adaptative triggers). There was also mention of a certain Resident Evil 4 Remake, Exoprimal, Monster Hunter: Sunbreak and more. You'll find the available assets and the full press release inside.

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Capcom has announced that players will soon be able to rediscover the Resident Evil Village campaign in a whole new light (or night...) thanks to its development for the PlayStation VR2 on PlayStation 5.

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The State of Play is now over, you can review the 30 minutes of announcements and news in the PlayStation universe right here. You can watch a lots of trailers with partner revelations, as well as glimpses of several games in development for the PlayStation VR2.

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Resident Evil Village is back on Gamersyde, this time with the Stadia version. You can see the beginning of the adventure in our gameplay video.

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To end our Resident Evil Village coverage, we have recorded some 4K gameplay of the Xbox Series X version with Ray Tracing activated this time. Since this version of the game is smoother with it than the PS5 one, we thought you might want to see it in action. We're also taking this opportunity to show you the prologue for the first time, in glorious HDR no less.

GSY Video PS5 Xbox Series X PC PS4 Xbox One

Before our Xbox Series X coverage our Resident Evil Village, here's some more Playstation 5 footage, with the same SDR issue all games have when not played in HDR, resulting in black crush... Inside you will find the full walkthrough of the arrival scene (in 2 parts) and the sequence which directly follows what happened in the first demo inside the village. Enjoy!

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We're aware we haven't really been able to provide you with real editorial content lately but since it's only davton and I and we have our own jobs to tae care of, it's become complicated. Today, we have at least a little something for you guys as I have recorded a short video in which I give you my opinion on Resident Evil Village. If you want to see more footage, the French review is obviously the one to watch, but if you're interested in what I can say about the game, then I hope it will do, as short as it may be. Enjoy watching!

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The Resident Evil Village demo became available on PS4 and PS5 earlier today at 7pm CEST, so here is a full walkthrough with ray tracing activated - which unsurprisingly causes some framerate issues. This trial version is way too short to be sure that this new episode will be as great as the previous one, but at least it allowed us to see what to expect on terms of exploration and narrative sequences. Gunplay makes a brief appearance, but since handguns have never truly been excellent in terms of feedback in the series, there is nothing to write home about. Those who thought Ethan was to slow when it came to running or aiming will most likely feel the same while those who enjoyed RE7 will feel right at home. The next part of the demo will come out on April 25 on PS4 and PS5 and it will take us inside the castle this time.
Update: HDR video added, this time without ray tracing for a smoother experience.
Update 2: FPS analysis video added.

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If you know Capcom by now, you're aware that the Japanese publisher is fond of special events to create the appropriate buzz around a big title. Just like with Resident Evil 7 biohazard and Monster Hunter Rise recently, a time-limited demo of Resident Evil Village will be made available with a bunch of constraints attached to it. If you own a PS4 or PS5, you will be able to get access to the first section of the demo on April 18 and will be given 8 hours to download it and 30 minutes to play it. The second section of the demo will unlock on April 25, with the same limit of time than the first one. This trial version will arrive on the other systems (Xbox and PC) on May 2 and will allow people to play it for 60 minutes only too. Hopefully, we got everything right as it is a bit complicated for a simple demo after all. Capcom also confirmed the return of the Mercenaries mode as well as the future release of Resident Evil 4 on Oculus Quest 2. A new trailer was of the Netflix series was also shown if you're interested in more than just the upcoming game. All the assets are inside.

GSY Video PS5

As promised, here is the full Resident Evil Village demo which was released last night on Playstation 5 exclusively. The size of our video is pretty close to the size of the demo itself, so you can easily imagine that quality is great. We'll start with an SDR video but we're encoding some HDR gameplay too. Just don't expect this second video to be ready anytime soon.
Update: After a bit more than 4 hours of encoding, the HDR version is up!

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