GSY Video Xbox One

We have been among the lucky ones to receive an Xbox One X beforehand, something like 4 days ago. it didn't leave us much time to download the games and record some gameplay footage, but we did our best as usual. Inside, you'll find a bunch of videos showing titles that have already been updated with their Xbox One X patch. Most of them are Xbox One games obviously, but we also have 3 iconic 360 titles to show you with a massive bump in resolution. Finally, we have tried the first Project CARS to see what forced v-sync and anisotropic filtering can do to a game that hasn't been patched for Xbox One X. If you want to compare, see the last base Xbox One footage we captured back in 2015.
Note: Some games are yet to receive their Xbox One X update, so we'll try to be thorough and propose more videos later.

GSY Video PS4 Xbox One PC

After releasing their first game "exclusively" on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, Respawn Entertainment are back with Titanfall 2, which is this time available on all systems, PS4 included. The studio also added a campaign mode to the game, which we are now presenting you on PC, all graphics options maxed out, at 1440p (and with 5.1 sound if you are willing to download the files). Because we wouldn't want some of the PC gamers here to whine as usual, the videos were captured by Miguel with a mouse and keyboard.
Update: Added 3 more videos.

Trailer PS4 Xbox One PC

With Titanfall 2 being now available worldwide, here is the launch trailer and a few screenshots.

GSY Video PS4 Xbox One PC

This weekend takes place a technical test of the multiplayer mode of Titanfall 2. After capturing some gameplay on PS4, we can now offer you 3 videos from the Bounty Hunt mode. Note that there will be another technical test next weekend.
Update: Added vidéos of the Xbox One version.

Video PS4 Xbox One PC

For once, we were allowed to film an EA game, so Miguel brought you back some multiplayer footage of Titanfall 2.

Trailer PS4 Xbox One PC

Here are the two gameplay trailers in high quality of Titanfall 2 that give a first glimpse at the campaign and multiplayer. The shooter from Respawn Entertainment will be out on October 28 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One with a multiplayer technical test expected to release before launch.

Images PS4 Xbox One PC

While waiting for the single and multi player trailer of Titanfall 2, here are 4 images of the game to be released on October 28 on X1, PS4 and PC.

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